I’m sure there has been a time in your business journey where you have felt stuck! Whether you are in a slump, not sure what to do next, not hitting your goals whatever it is that is making you feel stuck will mean that you are definitely not having fun.

I love this quote:

Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally; it comes from what you do consistently.

This is so true for us in business. You can’t focus on your biz one month, and then completely take a month off – you need to keep doing actions consistently to achieve your goals.

The most important thing to do when you feel stuck is something! If you do nothing then you lose any momentum you have built up and lose the consistency in what you had been doing.

Doing something, anything helps to shift the energy and keep the momentum going. You know the feeling of being on a roll with something? And you keep doing it… it always helps to build momentum and brings more energy which often brings results and also moves to other areas of your life.

I know this is something that everyone in biz (and life really) suffers with from time to time so I wanted to share my top tips on moving your biz forward when you get stuck:

Check in with your customers

Take some time to check in with your customers – how are they? What challenges are they facing? Can you help them in any way? I often ask my oily community a question in our online group. This always stimulates discussion and reminds me of my purpose and always gets me thinking about ways to support my community (thus creating an action list of things to do).

Organise a catch up with your biz bestie

Leave your office and meet your biz bestie for coffee – sometimes chatting things over with someone helps you get clear on what you need to do next to move forward. I often hear people saying, “Two heads are better than one” and that is certainly true when brainstorming ideas. If you are feeling stuck, chatting with someone who can relate often allows you to get a different perspective and some advice – and you get to catch up for coffee – win win I say! Make sure you select who you meet for coffee wisely and make sure it is someone who will lift you up and not dig you deeper into a hole!

Get out in nature

It is easy to try and push when we are feeling stuck but one of the best things to do is get out of the office - go for a walk/run to clear your head. Sometimes it is at these times that you can get really clear on your vision and your purpose, which is great to remind yourself of when you are feeling stuck. There is a quote rolling around in my head that I can’t quite remember but it is something about getting quiet to get clear… clearing our head and getting quiet is so important when you are stuck. I get some of my best ideas when I am not actually ‘working’ on or in my biz.

Be grateful for what you have

When you are feeling stuck (in any area of your life) it can be hard to think of things to be grateful for, but when you REALLY think about it, there is so much we can be grateful for every day. Embrace an attitude of gratitude – not just when things are good but always as gratitude will help you see things differently and help you move forward.

Make time for personal development

Read a book, tune into a podcast, watch a YouTube clip or read an interview with someone you admire. Taking time out to develop yourself is never going to be time wasted. I am always inspired by others and by picking the right books and podcasts, I often take away amazing nuggets of information to help me move past blocks and inspire me in my businesses.

Connect with your mentor / business coach

If you, like me have a network marketing business you will have a mentor or upline or coach who is there to guide and support you in your business. When I am feeling stuck, this is when I check in with my mentor. She has been in my position and it is great to have someone to bounce ideas off who has been where I am and can help guide me.

If you are not in network marketing but have your own business I highly recommend getting yourself a mentor or business coach who gets what you do and can help guide you and assist you in gaining clarity of your vision.

Once you have regained clarity it is time to map out what you need to do from here to build the momentum. Write down three actions and do them immediately. Don’t think about it! As Nike would say, “just do it!” Do it before you have time to talk yourself out of it!

This will get you back into action and keep the momentum going.

Remember that success comes from what you do consistently!