When I first purchased my oils from doTERRA I did so to switch out some of the products in our home but I chose doTERRA over other brands due to their sourcing, quality and testing. The research I did on a few brands put doTERRA ahead of the rest for me and ever since I got my first kit of oils and learn more and more about doTERRA, the more I am blown away by their commitment to quality and testing.

Attending the global convention in Salt Lake City, Utah in September 2018 further reaffimed this as doTERRA have taken this commitment to a whole other level. Some of the scientific information went over my head as it often does but it reaffirmed to me that we truly do have something incredible with doTERRA essential oils.

10 years ago, the founders of doTERRA came together with a vision to bring the most pure essential oils to the world. They started in 2008, during the recession. It was not the most ideal time to be starting a business but their vision was so clear and they were committed to bringing the world the most pure essential oils. So, they all mortgaged their houses to start the company because the banks wouldn’t give them a loan.

10 years ago, essential oils were largely adulterated and the industry wasn’t regulated so the executives and founders of doTERRA set up to create a new standard for the industry – that’s when CPTG was created.

At this time, the essential oil supply chain was very bleak. The farmers were not getting paid anything because the middle men were taking all the profit. The founders of doTERRA wanted to do something about this too. In the early days, the founders of doTERRA dreamed of creating a supply chain to benefit the farmers and cut out the middle man, and if you have watched or read anything about how doTERRA source their oils you will know that they cut out the middle man and pay their farmers on time and a fair wage.

Their co-impact sourcing model has been there since the start. The founders wanted to support and elevate the communities where the plants naturally thrive and grow best and ensure that the farmers were being paid on time and receive fair wages for the work they were doing.

doTERRA’s founders came in and disrupted the industry sometimes even when it was dangeours, they went into countries to set up the co-impact sourcing arrangements. This integrated social responsibility was at the forefront of doTERRA’s planning in the early days.  

Now, doTERRA helps communities in 55+ countries around the world through both co-impact sourcing and the healing hands foundation.

A few years ago, doTERRA developed www.sourcetoyou.com which is a website to show all test results on every bottle of essential oil. doTERRA do their own in house tests but also partner with the Aromatic Plant Research Center (APRC) who are a third party testing company for essential oils. They have multiple locations globally and doTERRA is a major client for them as well as many other essential oil companies who use them to test their oils.

APRC has over a century of combined experience with their executive board and do specialist GC/MS testing, testing over 1,000 components in each analysis. They have been their own library and can test down to parts per billion now. This may not make sense to you and as I said this stuff goes over my head a lot of the time, but what it shows is that APRC have the most in-depth and detailed testing of essential oils.

As well as this testing they also do in depth, in field research by working with the products to improve practices with yields, consistent quality and ensuring that sustainability is maintained.

The objectives of APRC are:

-       Testing

-       Sustainability

-       Research

-       Education


They can do what no other lab can do in terms of adulteration detection. More than 80% of essential oils on the market are contaminated and adulterated in some way.

This is why it is so important to know what you are using and where it has come from.  

The reports from the APRC are made available via www.sourcetoyou.com. doTERRA is the ONLY client of APRC’s that makes their testing results available to the public. doTERRA is so transparent in their practices which is so important to me in using these essential oils in our home and with our family because I know that the oils are the most pure I could get my hands on. And if the oils don’t meet the high standards, they will not be sold by doTERRA which is comforting to know.

APRC’s testing is so advanced, coupled with their people being experts in the field as well as their large database of essential oils means that they can catch adulteration that other labs can’t (the other labs just don’t have the expertise to read the advanced results).

doTERRA is in a league of their own when it comes to essential oils and their commitment sourcing the best oils and testing every batch is what sets them apart from other essential oil companies.

They are committed to having 100% pure oils from natural sources which makes the oil a potent therapeutic agent. Their oils are contamination and adulteration free, every bath is tested and when applying them, you can control the dosage.

At the 2018 Global doTERRA convention, Dr Satyal from APRC said that “doTERRA is the ONLY company that sells 100% pure and natural oils”. APRC also shared that a batch of doTERRA Bergamot reached 99% in the testing and Corey Lindley, Chief Financial Officer of doTERRA rejected it because he would rather NOT SELL bergamot than sell one that wasn’t 100% pure.

doTERRA is all about quality first, they are dedicated to integrity and ensuring the partnership with APRC is ethical.

Here is an example of the process of getting Lavender from the plant to the bottle.

Lavender produced in Bulgaria

-  Is collected and distilled 

-  A pre sample is sent to one of APRC’s locations 

-  APRC analyses sample and gives results to doTERRA 

-  doTERRA gives a purchase order ONLY when it’s found to be unadulterated 

-  If an oil is adulterated, doTERRA simply doesn’t order it 

-  If a purchase order is sent, the oil is sent to doTERRA directly, where it’s tested 
internally by doTERRA’s lab AND another, second test with APRC to ensure that 
it’s identical to the pre-shipment test.

-  This second test is the result uploaded to Source to You 


This is why doTERRA is the number 1 essential oil company in the world. Their commitment to providing 100% pure essential oils means that they will not sacrifice quality for profit.