We hope you had as much fun as we did in this doTERRA BOGO week.

To add a little more “how” to the new oils shimmying their way to your doorstep this week via your friendly neighbourhood postman, I've created a little guide just for you. A practical guide to using the oils specifically offered during BOGO week.

I so appreciate you all for loving these oils as much as I do, and for taking the next step of your oils journey (whether that’s your first oils ever, adding a few new oils to your collection, or stocking up on your faves because you’re a seasoned oiler who knows what they need + love when it comes to oils).

I know that joining us in this empowered oils lifestyle is much more than just what’s in the bottle…..and we’re thrilled that we get to continue to support, inspire, educate and connect with you. 

Click the image below to download your copy.

I hope you enjoy your BOGO oils and find this guide useful in using ALL of them in your home.

Big love, 

Sarah + The Essential Society tribe.

BOGO week oils e-guide FINAL3.jpg
BOGO week oils e-guide FINAL15.jpg
BOGO week oils e-guide FINAL34.jpg
February 2019 BOGO week oils e-guide FINAL12.jpg