Cold-pressed from the peel of fresh limes, doTERRA Lime essential oil is refreshing and energising in both aroma and taste. Limes are frequently used in entrées and beverages for their fresh, citrus flavour. Lime provides a refreshing flavour and can be diffused to add a refreshing aroma to the air inside the home. It’s also an effective and natural surface cleaner. Lime is known for its ability to uplift, balance and energise the emotions. Lime is frequently used in facial and body cleansers for its cleansing properties and uplifting scent.


· Diffuse to refresh the air and lift your emotions.

· Put some Lime on a cotton pad and use to help remove grease spots and sticker residue.

· Add a drop of Lime to your drinking water for enhanced flavour.

· Add 1 drop to your facial cleanser or shampoo for added cleansing properties..

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doTERRA On Guard Sanitising Mist cleanses hands by killing bacteria on the skin through an extremely fine, quick drying mist. Infused with a natural apple extract, the moisturising formula will not dry out the skin and leaves hands feeling soft and smooth. doTERRA On Guard blend of Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary CPTG®essential oils provides an uplifting citrus spice aroma and its protective benefits. Sanitising hands with the convenient mist is perfect for traveling, school, work, and on-the-go families.




Feel completely rehydrated all over your body! The aromatic benefits of our Beautiful Captivating essential oil blend combine with the nourishing properties of coconut, sunflower, avocado, and passion fruit. This hydrating mist, with the unique 360 degree technology sprayer, will help improve overall appearance of healthy-looking and radiant skin.

Mist over the entire body after bathing or anytime for an uplifting boost of long-lasting hydration.



Clearify is an aromatic blend of essential oils for an invigorating and refreshing aroma. Clearify includes Litsea essential oil which is a fresh stimulating aroma. Clearify also includes Tangerine and Grapefruit essential oils known to be uplifting to the senses, and Frankincense whose aroma promotes feelings of relaxation. Cardamom essential oil has a warming, spicy aroma. Clearify is ideal to be diffused in the home or workplace.


For and positive start to the day, diffuse for an uplifting aroma.

Try diffusing during an intense workout.



Yarrow|Pom is an expertly crafted proprietary blend of Yarrow essential oil and cold-pressed Pomegranate seed oil designed to be your go-to for a true inside-out approach to aging, vitality, overall wellness, and, quite frankly, how to get that glow. This synergistic and first-of-its-kind blend naturally up-regulates the body’s protective transcription factors while activating skin-protecting proteins (inhibiting the enzymes that breakdown elasticity and collagen) with the added benefit of promoting collagen production.

Primary Benefits

  • Provides powerful antioxidant support*

  • Promotes cellular, immune, and nervous system health*

  • Supports healthy metabolic function*

  • Calms the body and mind*

  • Soothing to the skin



In a world full of harsh chemicals and artificial flavors, we are often in search of safe products for ourselves and our family to use. doTERRA On Guard Mouthwash was created with this in mind. Only the best ingredients are used to provide a natural and effective mouthwash. We rely on and trust the protecting benefits of doTERRA On Guard essential oil blend in our daily routines. Now doTERRA On Guard Mouthwash can be added as an every day essential to support oral hygiene.

doTERRA On Guard Mouthwash is alcohol free and formulated to clean teeth and gums, reduce plaque, and promote a healthy–looking mouth.

The refreshing doTERRA On Guard essential oil blend leaves your breath fresh and your smile bright. The powerful benefits of the proprietary CPTG® essential oil blend of Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Myrrh combined with other natural ingredients promote a healthy-looking mouth. Miswak extract helps freshen breath and maintain clean teeth by reducing excessive plaque buildup, while Xylitol helps maintain healthy and strong teeth. Add doTERRA On Guard Mouthwash to your oral hygiene routine, in addition to normal brushing and flossing, to support a healthy mouth and long-lasting fresh breath.

Primary Benefits

  • Natural, alcohol-free formula

  • Proprietary doTERRA On Guard essential oil blend of Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary cleanses and soothes mouth

  • Miswak extract helps maintain clean teeth by reducing excessive plaque buildup

  • Use doTERRA On Guard Mouthwash after meals to freshen breath and brighten smile

  • Use doTERRA On Guard Mouthwash to promote healthy-looking teeth and gums

  • Natural ingredients help reduce plaque, strengthen teeth, and brighten smile


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If you have been wanting to learn more about essential oils or want to share them with your family and friends, invite me round to your place (Brisbane - if you are anywhere else, let me know and I can connect you in with someone in our team). I'll bring the oils and we can pass them around for your guests to experience.

If you have a question about all of the ways essential oils can support your health - here are our TOP RESOURCES:

> BOOKS: The Essential Life & The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils

> APPS: The doTERRA Daily Drop, The Modern Essentials

> WEBSITES: doterra.com, sourcetoyou.com, aromaticscience.com and http://bit.ly/hfhealthconcerns(one to bookmark to know what oils to use for literally everything!)

If you haven’t yet got your oils and are ready to get started follow the instructions below to get your first order on its way:

To purchase doTERRA essential oils go to: http://mydoterra.com/sarahpoppy 


1. Select join and save

2. Choose wholesale customer (if you plan to be a customer only - you can upgrade later but we can chat about that) or wellness advocate if you want to build a business with doTERRA or refer your family and friends and earn some money back for doing so.

3. Fill in your details

4. Choose whichever starter kit you feel drawn to (my pick is the Home Essentials Kit + Fractionated Coconut oil as it has everything you need to get started + you get the bonus Frankincense oil, otherwise select the Introductory Enrolment Packet and add the individual oils you would like to start with)

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