Before I purchased my Home Essentials Kit and got started on my journey with doTERRA I did a lot of research into other companies to make sure I was comfortable using these oils not only on myself but in my home and on my children. My main aim was to use them for our overall health and wellness but also to use them to reduce the toxins in our home and I didn’t want to invest in something and find out that there were any hidden ingredients that I didn’t know about so firstly, the testing was important (this will be covered as part of this series) to me but what I uncovered in doing this research was doTERRA’s co-impact sourcing model.

Not only is this about sourcing the plants to make the oils where they grow best but it is also about changing the lives of people in some of the areas where the plants are srouced. It is a beautiful circle and positively impacts the lives of so many.

To source oils, doTERRA reaches around the world and taps into the global supply of essential oils to ensure that the oils they produce have the highest therapeutic value. In order to get the oil with the highest therapeutic value it is sources from where it grows in its indigenous state. 2/3’s of these counties are developing countries. doTERRA makes a difference in these communities by providing a sustainable income for the people who are growing, harvesting and distilling essential oils. This model creates jobs in rural areas where doTERRA works through long term sourcing contracts and agreements with their partners.

The famers, harvesters and distillers get paid fair and on-time wages by doTERRA and the company also offers profit sharing programs for the distillers to offer to the growers and harvesters.

Watch the video below that gives a great overview of the Co-Impact Sourcing Model. You can see the heart and passion of the founders featured in this video. I get tears in my eyes every time I watch these videos. When you buy and oil from doTERRA your impact does far wider than you think.

You can see how this model has an impact on so many lives and families. doTERRA care about the people in this chain of production. They make a difference a difference in the world in areas where they have no other source of help.

Many of the communities in developing countries where doTERRA sources the oils are also linked to social impact projects through the Healing Hands Foundation (I will share more on this in the series too).

With this model, the long term partnerships with growers, distillers and harvesters helps to keep up with the demand from essential oils consumers. doTERRA will not compromise on quality so they work with those in the supply chain to build trust to enable these partnerships to continue long into the future.


Since I started with my Home Essentials Kit, doTERRA have taken things a step further and created their 'Source to You' website.

This was created by doTERRA with the increased use of essential oils by consumers. As this usage continues to grow, so does the danger. Cutting corners to fulfill demand has become common in the industry. The doTERRA commitment to ensure quality without compromise is second to none. The testing of doTERRA essential oils begins long before the oils are distilled. Source To You takes you through the journey and the process of the doTERRA essential oils from start to finish.

With the growing popularity of essential oils, many companies are claiming they have pure oils, but fail to provide credible proof of that purity. Source To You establishes that doTERRA, from start to finish, will provide the best possible essential oils, pure and unadulterated. 

doTERRA is so unique in the way it sources its oils. As consumers we get the best oil while knowing our dollars are making an impact and a difference to the lives of others – a beautiful circle. As doTERRA continues to grow they will continue to do more in these areas to ensure they are sourcing and providing the best quality oils, making an impact on communities around the world and ensuring the sustainability of the plants as well as being transparent to their consumers. 

There are many videos created by doTERRA that show the co-impact sourcing model in some of the countries they source oils from.

Make some time to watch these - the impact is truly incredible and shows the heart of doTERRA as a company.


If you haven’t yet started with oils and want to get your own oils, follow the instructions below:

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2. Choose wholesale customer (if you plan to be a customer only - you can upgrade later but we can chat about that) or wellness advocate if you want to build a business with doTERRA or refer your family and friends and earn some money back for doing so.

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4. Choose whichever starter kit you feel drawn to (my pick is the Home Essentials Kit + Fractionated Coconut oil as it has everything you need to get started, otherwise select the Introductory Enrolment Packet and add the individual oils you would like to start with)

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