I came across this quote recently and I just love it! “The purpose of life is a life of purpose”. When I saw it, it got me thinking about my WHY and my purpose.

We lead such busy lives and are surrounded by distractions that take up our attention and many of us focus on and live our lives by what we HAVE to do. The to-do lists are often endless and it’s easy t...o feel like we are stuck and not getting ahead but when you stop to focus on WHY we do things, life gets a lot simpler.

I have often been focused on the ‘WHAT’ and driven by the things that I thought I HAD to do. I was always the girl who strived for good grades because I thought I had to go to Uni to get a good job so that I could make a difference in the world. I was driven by my goal to have a high-flying career (because that is what I thought it would take to be considered successful – what others had told me). I had dreams of myself living in a penthouse in the city in a high flying marketing job – all because I thought that this would make me happy and feel successful.

A few years after finishing Uni I met my now husband and was just starting to climb the corporate ladder after a number of promotions at work. We got married and a few years after that I fell pregnant with my son. I still had ambitions to be a high flying career woman in the corporate world but while on maternity leave my position at work was made redundant. I realised at this time that it is a lot harder for women to continue to grow their career’s after having children. I went back to work (in a new job, full time) when my son was 4.5 months old because we needed my income for our household budget. At the time I was happy to be back at work and using my brain but deep down I was searching for more. I wanted to do more, to be more and focus my time on something that I was passionate about. So I tried a few things on the side (a blog for working mums, some freelance marketing and graphic design work, a project with a former colleague) and continued to pursue nudges from the universe to try new things and follow any sparks of passion for different things. After having my daughter, I returned to work in the same job, but still I was searching for more. I didn’t feel like I was making a difference in the world. So I found new employment in the non-profit sector.

While this work filled my cup in many ways I was still searching for more and wanted to spend more time at home with my children. My son started school at this time and this is when it hit me how fast time goes when you are busy raising children. And while I didn’t regret any of the decisions I made to work full time it did hit me how much I had missed and I wanted to be able to go on school excursions and read in the classroom but I couldn’t due to my 9-5 job.

It was not long after this that doTERRA came into my life and into our home. I had seen it on social media and had done some freelance graphic design work for some women who had started businesses with doTERRA but I didn’t know just how amazing the opportunity was and they didn’t take the time to share it with me (which is why I want everyone to know about this opportunity).

I started doing some work for my now mentor in the business and she sent me some oils to try and after I had my first experience with them I was hooked. It wasn’t long until I realised that doTERRA was exactly what I had been searching for - the vehicle for me to be able to make a difference in the world.

Having children really makes you evaluate what is really important and for me and my family, that is time together and having the freedom (both in time and finances) to be able to travel and explore whenever we want but also feeling empowered in our choices of what products we use in our home. And now being in a position to mentor other women to create the same freedom that we are working towards for our family truly lights me up and is my passion.

While our freedom vision is still a little way off, this business of mine with doTERRA is growing every day and is setting us up for the life we want to live. It has already enabled me to cut down my full time hours at work to part time hours and in the not too distant future will replace what I was earning on a full time wage.

My goals for this biz change all the time and while I would have been happy to achieve the rank of Platinum (which isn’t too far off for our team) and replace my full time salary, I am now aiming higher – it’s not just about the money I can earn at the higher ranks but for the women in my team who can also achieve what I have – I will rank advance as my team rank advances which is a beautiful circle.

It truly lights me up to celebrate my team and their teams, whether that is someone enrolling their first person, or hosting their first class, or reaching a new rank – celebrating their successes and seeing them create a life and business they love is just incredible to watch unfold.

So while, I LOVE the oils and LOVE doTERRA and love sharing them with others – this is just the vehicle to create the life that we want for our family. And it is all about time freedom to do the things that we want to do and not miss out on any important moments and events in our kids’ lives.

What I have realised throughout all of this is that if you find your passion, why truly lights you up – then it doesn’t feel like work and it gives you a sense of purpose and fulfilment and that is the key to living a great life!

I am living a life of purpose and get to share these amazing oils and the amazing business opportunity with others to provide them with a vehicle to achieve their dreams too.

This all happened for me because I pursued the nudges from the universe and allowed myself to pursue opportunities that came my way without getting too caught up in everything else to let them pass me by. It hasn’t been an easy ride to get to where I am (there are no get rich quick schemes here) but it has been incredible rewarding and I have connected with some truly amazing women on this journey to inspire me every day.

Imagine what you can achieve if you focus on the WHY and question why you do things rather than focusing on the WHAT – what you have to do.

If anything in this has spoken to you and feels aligned to the vision you have for your life, please get in touch, I would loveto meet you. I have an incredible spot on my team for someone who wants to make a difference, live in alignment with their why and be willing to put in the work to get there. This spot has an established team and I am looking for someone to with the passion and motivation to grow and nurture this team.

I am so glad I said ‘yes’ to this opportunity because it really is changing our lives and it can for you too.

If something in this has struck a chord with you and you want to learn more about joining my team - go to http://bit.ly/jointheessentialsociety or reach out to me and we can chat. I would love to guide you in creating your own essential oils business.

Love Sarah x