Today I am heading off on a holiday to Bali with my hubby to celebrate a friends birthday, without the kids! They are staying home with their grandparents and although we will miss them terribly, it will be nice to have a break from them (because parenting gets hard and we can all do with a break from time to time).

If I had it my way, I would take my entire oils collection with me on the trip so I am prepared for anything but that isn’t possible so I have decided to take only what I think I will need for a tropical climate as well as for the plane trip.


This is known as the tummy tamer and I’m sure it will be used on this trip, either by me or someone we are travelling with. If you have been to Bali before you will be familiar with Bali Belly. I have been fortunate to avoid it many times but my experience with DigestZen and how it has helped with tummy upsets and gastro here in Australia, I know it will be a big help should one of us be struck down with a tummy bug or worse, Bali Belly.

Oh, and this will also help with any hangovers!


The swiss army knife of oils – this is one that I wouldn’t travel without! This will have so many uses – for helping with sleep, reducing the itch of mosquito bites (I get eaten alive so I know I will be using Lavender to help reduce the itch), to provide relief from sunburn (again I know this will come in handy, my skin is so fair that I burn really easily – no hope of a holiday sun tan for me!) and for any cuts, scratches or bruises.

Tea Tree

Going to a tropical climate may upset my skin and the humiditiy has made me prone to breakouts in the past so having Tea Tree (known as Melaleuca in the US) on hand will help to keep my skin looking fresh and healthy. It is also known as an antiseptic so will be great for any cuts or infections.

TerraShield Spray

Now this is a must for travel to a tropical climate – as I mentioned above, the mozzies love me so this is a fave for me as it keeps the bugs away without the nasty chemical smell or toxins.

Balance (Grounding Blend)

This will be my flight companion. Truth be told, I am not good at flying. I had a bad experience on an exchange trip to Japan in high school and I now freak out at any small bumps and turbulence. Travelling without the kids will meant hat I have no distractions which means that I will notice the bumps a lot more so I know that this will come in handy.


OnGuard is my go-to oil for boosting my immunity. I use it ALL.THE.TIME as a hand sanitizer to keep the germs away. This can also be applied on the soles of our feet for immune support – definitely important! I also carry the OnGuard beadlets with me daily so I can pop one under my lounge whenever I feel like I need extra support.


The perfect oil to perk me up after late nights (which I am sure there will be many) – perfect to put a pep in my step and ensure that I don’t miss out on any holiday fun! This is also great for any digestive support and tummy upsets as well as headaches.

Past Tense

Another one to help with any hangovers. I use this roller blend regularly to ease headaches from spending too much time in front of the computer (and since using it am happy to report that I have not taken Panadol in over 9 months!).

Ice Blue

I will probably take the Ice Blue rub with me rather than the oil and this is purely for easing sore muscles after any activities we do and also all the walking (ahem, shopping) we will do. I also plan to do a Volcano trek so this will be sure to come in handy to keep my knees happy.


This one goes without saying – my fav natural perfume! It’s always in my bag.