If you are not familiar with doTERRA, Platinum is one of the higher leadership ranks in the business and it is game changing for families as it is the first 6 figure rank. All which can be created in the pockets of time you have around life, family, work, study or whatever you have going on.

It is all possible for everyone – but you have to first dive in and choose to invest the time and energy into it and get serious about it as a business (not a hobby).

I had my first experience with doTERRA essential oils in mid 2015 when my now mentor sent me some oils to try. I didn’t really know what they were or how I could use them. I thought they were smelly hippy things and here I was, a corporate marketing professional with two kids who had it together – I didn’t need these oils in my life. Oh how wrong I was!


All it took was an experience with Lavender to help support me sleep and relax during a particularly stressful time at work and I was intrigued to learn more about these little brown bottles. The more I learnt the more I could see how they could impact our lives and be used in so many ways.

Naturally, I did what most people do and I researched doTERRA and a few other oils brands and doTERRA stood out to me for their quality, sourcing and testing methods so I dived in a purchased the Home Essentials Kit. I then tuned into a webinar that my upline ran (she was in the Gold Coast, I was in Adelaide) on the business opportunity. Her vision for what she was creating was so strong that it drew me in to learn more. I will never forget sitting at the breakfast bar with my hubby after the webinar and turning to him and saying ‘I could do this!’. Without knowing what this meant I knew there was a pull there to join and create a vision of my own for creating a residual income and time and financial freedom for our family.

I have said many times that I wasn’t taking it seriously for the first 6 months which is true. I held a class here and there but didn’t really know what actions I should be doing and I certainly wasn’t setting goals for myself. At this time I was working in a job that was a 1 hour + commute each morning and afternoon. It was full time and while I loved it, I missed out on a lot of things with the kids. They were 2 and 4 at the time so starting this biz to create more time freedom was so important to me.

It wasn’t until June 2016 that I decided to take it seriously. I had just had a couple of people join me in the business (even though I had NO IDEA how to mentor them). This is when I started reading, learning and watching other successful leaders in doTERRA to see what they were doing. I started sharing my goals with my upline and breaking them down into actionable steps so it was not as daunting and I could actually achieve them. Fast forward two years to now (July 2018) and I have created a Platinum team within doTERRA. 5% of leaders are at this rank and the average annual income is $107,000. Not bad for something I have created in the pockets of time I have around my corporate role, life and family. For your information the below image shows the average earnings at the different leadership ranks in doTERRA.


Before I get into the how and the things I have learnt in this journey I want you to know that it has been hard work, it has required sacrifice but it has also been incredibly rewarding and there is so much I can say about what this business means to me. I shared some insights and things I have learnt along the way in a Part 1 and Part 2 series on facebook but wanted to capture it for the blog. After sharing Part 1 my mind was in overdrive and the words started to flow.

These are some of the things I have done / learnt / or picked up along the way that have helped me in creating this Platinum business.


First up, you MUST LOVE THE OILS. You need to use them daily! It all starts with the oils. If you do not use them regularly, you do not have examples to share with others. The easiest way to share the oils naturally, authentically and true to you is to share with people all the ways that you use them. This isn’t hard if you are using them. People will know if you do not genuinely love the product. If I didn’t use the oils, I wouldn’t be here!


Having a vision for why you are doing what you are doing is so powerful. This is purely your vision for what you want to create with your business. It may be time and financial freedom like it is for me, or it could be to have the ability to travel and work anywhere in the world, or it could be to be financially free to volunteer in developing countries. This vision is unique to you. Having a 2 year vision to hit the rank of Platinum was my vision as this would enable me to work on my terms and replace my corporate income (creating time and financial freedom). While the timeline may have been a bit off since I started the vision – it was still there guiding me.

Your vision is so important as this is your guiding post to keep you going when times get tough or you feel like giving up – and trust me, it will happen at some time. When it does you need to remind yourself WHY you are doing this and WHAT it is that you want to create as this will get you through.


Simon Sinek is famous for his talk on ‘starting with why’ – this is strongly tied to your vision. Having a ‘why’ for what you do is so important as this is what you will tap into throughout the journey. My kids and my family are my why – to create a better future for all of us and also to pay off debts and get into a better financial position. Again this is personal to you but is so important to have this to help guide you!


I mentioned that I didn’t send me goals to my upline for the first 6 months in the business. I didn’t think that this was important but when I started building my own team and guided and mentored them, I realised how important it was to know their goals. My upline had a rule that she wouldn’t do mentor calls if you didn’t fill out your goals sheet. It is so important to know someone’s goals to help them break it down

into actionable steps and to coach them. I WAS NOT coachable in the early days. When I figured this out, I took on the advice and suggestions of my mentor and I saw changes in myself and my business. I was being coachable which is so important when someone is giving you their time to help you grow and develop in your business.



You need to treat it like a business and not a hobby if you want to be successful. I am proof of this! Things changed in 5 months of taking it seriously for me. I went from a consultant to the first leadership rank (Silver) in 5 months because I took responsibility and approached it as a business and actually made time for it.


When you want something badly, you need to make time for it. If it means having late nights or getting up early you need to make the sacrifices and set time aside to work. You also need to make sure it is actually productive work. For us in doTERRA it is focussing on PIPES (Preparing, Inviting, Presenting, Enrolling and Supporting). Also work in the pockets of time you have – if you have 5 minutes at school pick up, connect in with someone about the oils, invite someone to learn more, share something with your oils community. Utilise every bit of time you have. This wasn’t easy early on but has become something that I do without even thinking about it now. On this, if you schedule time to work – do it, don’t take the easy way out and sit on the couch instead. You need to put in the work to get the results. You need to make the sacrifices, show up to team calls and invest your time in learning and developing.

Planning and being organised helps you to focus when you do have those pockets of time for work as you know exactly what you need to do. This gets easier the more you do it! Trust me!

A failure to plan, is a plan to fail!


Once I decided to do this as a business not a hobby, it was a priority to be consistent. Consistent action trumps skill every time. This is consistency in all areas of the business – consistently sharing the oils online, in person and in classes, consistently developing yourself and tuning into podcasts, audiobooks or reading books. Being consistent keeps the momentum going. It’s like a spinning wheel, once you have it spinning it is easy to keep it spinning, but if you let it stop, it requires a lot more effort to get it going again. Your business operates very much like this! Don’t stop the wheel spinning. When you are consistent, people know that you are taking it seriously.


Nothing good ever came from comfort zones and this is SO TRUE! If you want to keep growing and developing, which you need to do to move up the leadership ranks

in this business you need to be willing to try things and give things a go. If I didn’t get out of my comfort zone, I would not be a Platinum leader. I would have never done a facebook or Instagram live, I wouldn’t have reached out to people to share the oils and the list could go on. Yes it feels scary, yes it requires courage, and you may have someone say no or not like what you are doing but you may also have people say yes to buying oils, yes to your vision and yes to joining your team. Getting out of your comfort zone is where the growth comes. Truly! I am proof of this!


Look to those leaders who are successful and are rank advancing. Success always leaves clues. All you need to do is watch them and learn from them. It is easy to get caught in a trap of comparing yourself to others but push this aside and look at why they are successful – what are they doing that you could take and modify for you? There is so much we can learn from successful people within our industry.


When you are working a corporate job and building a business time is valuable so batching your time makes things easier to manage. For example, if you have an hour set aside for work – batch your time into ½ hour for contacting people to invite them to a class and ½ working on a blog post. I love batching my social media posts and scheduling them in. When I start I get on a roll and it is so much easier than trying to post ad hoc and on the go as they are never as well thought out.



There are a lot of things that I have learnt to let go of in my biz journey in the last two years. Some of these are just as important, if not more important than learning about doTERRA and the oils.


This has been a big one for me, and there are still some people that are close to me who don’t get why I am doing this business and think I should go back to working a full time job. There are always going to be people who don’t agree with what you are doing and usually it says more about them than you. They may not see your vision or may be worried about how it is going to change you and your ability to have time for them. I have always been a bit of a people pleaser so this has been a big part of my journey as getting their thoughts out of my head has freed me up to focus on all the things that I should be doing.

Other people’s opinions are none of my business – this is a great quite that I often repeat when I let other people’s opinions get into my head.


In some areas of my life I have to know everything! I want ALL the details, but when you are creating a business sometimes you have to let go of this and learn as you go. Since deciding to go all in and pursue this seriously as a business I have had to

let go of needing to know everything and trust that I will learn as I go. This has been a continually learning journey for me. There is a reason why people learn on the job because it is easier to stick with you when you are doing it as you go and I know that I retain the information better when I am learning while I am in the work. There have been lots of mistakes in this process but I am always learning from them and I don’t make the same mistakes twice.


This applies mostly in sharing the oils with others. Early on I got caught up with numbers and stats and wanted to enrol people and I know that my focus was on the sale moreso than it was on actually educating about the oils and how they can benefit the person I was talking to. When I let go of the outcome and shared from a place of service rather than just selling things changed for me and I was more successful in my business. It is so important to add value to people, to listen to their needs and provide solutions.


Done is better than perfect! Every time. If I was waiting until everything was perfect I wouldn’t have even started. I am a bit of a perfectionist so this has been a bit tricky for me but not having loads of time forced me to give up the idea that everything has to be perfect otherwise I wouldn’t have ever got anything done. I have typos in blog posts, in ebooks, I do things too quickly sometimes, I fumble in my facebook lives but I am connecting with people which is number 1 for me! Connection and sharing are so important in this business – so just doing it as me is what connects most with people – people want to see real, not perfect!

BUILDING BELIEF (there are 5 areas of belief that have been a focus for me in my journey)


As I mentioned, it all starts with the oils – you have to use them and love them every day to be able to share them. My belief in their ability to support us in so many ways has grown as I have had experiences with them and as my customers have shared their experiences with me too. You will not succeed if you don’t use the oils.


doTERRA is such an incredible company for their commitment to quality and testing of the oils but also in sustainably and ethically sourcing the oils. This came through very strongly when I was researching essential oil companies before I invested in a kit for our home. This research began my belief in the company and holy wow this has grown over my journey with doTERRA in the past 2 years. I am so grateful to play a small part in the work they do in the world and I am so proud to partner with them in my business. I am constantly blown away by all of the incredible work they do in the world and I truly believe that we are changing the world one drop, one community at a time.


I am always the first to say that I never expected to be aligned with a network marketing company! I thought it was a pyramid scheme – yes I know these are illegal but seriously, I was uneducated and had no idea how incredible this business model can be. But once I learnt more about how it works, I soon began to see how incredible the model is for mums, for parents and anyone really to create a business from home on their terms and around whatever they have going on in their life. Now I think it is an incredible business model for mums in particular. As I have continued to achieve new ranks and my income has increased my belief has grown in this area and I cannot see myself ever leaving this business or this industry.


This was pretty low when I started. I dived in thinking that I could do this but not really fully believing it. I didn’t know much about oils or what I was doing and this probably explains why I didn’t take it seriously until 6 months in. This has definitely grown throughout my journey with doTERRA and there are few moments that stick out as being the big belief builders for me to believe in myself. The first was in November 2016 when 3 days out from the end of the month I decided to reach for the rank of silver with a big gap in volume to bring in. I set a goal and I worked for it and made it happen – this helped me believe that little bit more in myself. Next was when I hit the next rank, Gold in June 2017. I didn’t have many active builders on my team so I just focussed on sharing oils and helping people get started with them and got them into 22 homes which enabled me to fill the gaps to hit the rank. This too built my belief that I could not only do it but I could hit new ranks and goals.

Earlier this year, I participated in diamond club – a 4 month program in doTERRA which includes travel and lots of classes to connect in with your current customers as well as new people. A lot of people start this but not everyone finishes it. I had some stretch goals when it came to rank advancements but also wanted to finish it – that I did and it was so incredible to have completed it. While I didn’t get the rank advancements, our team experienced considerable growth which helped us to hit Platinum as a team in June.


This is also a big one that I have had to lean into in my journey. I have had big gaps in legs for rank advancing (don’t worry if this doesn’t make sense if you are not in doTERRA yet, remember you can learn as you go!) as members of my team are all building their businesses at different paces (also one of the beautiful things about this business – you can work to your own timeframe). Part of the reason why I chose to participate in Diamond Club was so that I could connect in with my team and hand out and share oils with others. This really helped to bring the team together and built my belief in my team. All these areas of belief are being worked on by my leaders and I 100% believe in them but some of them are not yet there with believing in themselves.



Communication with my upline and with my leaders has been crucial throughout my journey so that we can each support each other in achieving our goals. If I didn’t know what goals my team were going for, I wouldn’t be able to guide them and vice versa – as a leader you need to communicate your vision with your team (even if it scares you) as it inspires them into action and to dream bigger. This was so evident when I shared my Platinum vision with my team but also when my incredible mentor Alice Abba shared her vision to create a Presidential Diamond team (google this to find out what this means). Being the lighthouse and shining a light for others to follow and rise up is so important.


Setting big goals is good but it is also important to break them down into actionable steps so it gives you a plan and structure to work towards. It is always easier to tick off the smaller tasks as they all add up to big things. If you set a goal to achieve something in 1 or 2 year’s time it can seem overwhelming or daunting but breaking it down to smaller goals makes it so much more achievable. This has been key in my journey to break this down.


At the same time as setting your goals, it is also important to be ok with not achieving them. Stretching yourself and setting bigger goals helps to show you what is possible but it motivates you and drives you. Nothing worth having ever came from comfort zones so set the big, scary goals. If you don’t get there its ok – it will happen. It has happened with me more than once and when I reflected on all the growth that happened it was incredible and I just have to think where would we be if we didn’t stretch and it wouldn’t be where we are – I know that is true!


Share what is on your heart and in your own voice – try not to overthink it, just do it. This is so important for your personal brand as people buy from you because they have a connection with you. They can buy oils from anyone but the choose to buy from you for what you stand for and what you share. Be visible, create your own photos, graphics and images as this all builds your personal brand.


When I started this business I didn’t want to share anything with others for fear that they would copy it or that they would enrol people that I could have enrolled but what I learnt over time is that if you are generous in helping others and sharing your ideas this will come back to you tenfold. I have had support from others when I have needed it most because I have given my time to help others too. What goes around comes around!


I do this when I need it in busy periods like BOGO weeks and when I am aiming for a new rank. When I am in the hustle, my hubby takes the kids to school or before school care so I can get things done. I am no great at asking for help but I know it is something I need to do more of. Getting pre-packaged meals or hiring cleaner to help at home (or even just leaving things while you are in the hustle) is all going to free up your time to focus as much as you can on building your business and creating your vision.

Finally, leading with your head and your hear is crucial for connecting with people. You have to be practical with your time and your actions but you also need to love and care about what you do. I absolutely LOVE the ripple effect that doing this business creates, not only for my family, the families of people in my team but the effect that we are having as an oils tribe on communities around the world by buying our oils, self care products and cleaning products from doTERRA. This biz truly enables us to rise by lifting others.


As you can see, doTERRA truly is a personal development company wrapped up in oils.

If you can see yourself doing this work, I would love to connect with you (join us - you can see some of the amazing women in my team in the images above). I am opening up spots to mentor 6 new people in my team. Head here and book a call or fill out your details here and we will get you started!

I look forward to guiding you in creating a life and business you love with doTERRA.

Sarah x

Below are the live videos I shared live on facebook and instagram that led me to create this blog post.