Sometimes there are experiences in our lives that help us to grow both personally and professionally and for me; the zip line in Fiji is one of these experiences.

I purposely did not read too much about the zip line before arriving in Fiji as I am scared of heights and was not keen on being suspended in the air high above the ground.

When we arrived at the zip line activity we were set up with our harness and helmet and this is when the nerves started to kick in. I didn’t know what I was in for.

We set off walking up some steps to our first zip line. Not knowing what was ahead of me (aka not being in control) was a little stressful. I was at the beginning of the pack so one of the first in our group to go through the first zip line.

LESSON 1 – Take a leap, start before you are ready and dive in head first to whatever opportunity is presented to you. You will not regret the growth and development you experience along the way.

LESSON 2 – Feel the fear and do it anyway. Fear is something that shows up in our lives, both personally and professionally. The other side of fear is often growth. Without growth we do not move forward and develop. Since starting this business, the quote ‘ Feel the fear and do it anyway’ has always been in my head. When I am fearful of reaching out to someone to share the oils or speaking in front of a group – I am fearful, fearful of what they might think, fearful of forgetting what I want to say, fearful of rejection and much more. But I know that this fear shows that I am on the right path – if I didn’t have the fear, I wouldn’t experience the growth. This lesson can be applied to so many aspects of life. If there is something holding you back, I encourage you to get uncomfortable and feel the fear and do it anyway.

On the first zip line, I was very cautious (over cautious actually) and didn’t trust the process and ignored the advice from the guides. This resulted in me braking too early and having to pull myself (using my arms) down the zip line (a very tough task to do) to get to the platform. I learnt very quickly to listen to the guides and trust them at both ends of the zip. They were there to catch me if I came in too fast and to tell me when to brake and lift my legs when needed to get on the platform.

LESSON 3 – Trust the process. Sometimes we don’t have all the answers and that is totally ok. The only thing that is not ok is stopping because of this. Sometimes the best growth happens when we trust the process and keep moving forward. If I didn’t trust the process when I started my business with doTERRA, I would never have gone to Fiji and wouldn’t be writing these lessons for you today. As much as sometimes we like to have all the answers, let go and just trust the process.

LESSON 4 – Let go of control. This ties in very nicely with trusting the process, as often we need to let go of control in order to trust the process. For many of us, we like being in control. This was particularly true for me when it came to this trip. I am so accustomed to being the one to book our family holidays and organise (yes I am a planner and organiser) all the details, that this trip was out of the norm for me as I had very little information about the plans and activities that were scheduled for us.

It was a strange feeling to not know all the answers andmany times that I had to let go of control and trust the process.

Doing this activity with a group of people was amazing. Those of us that were in the same group going through the zip line really got to know each other and it was great to cheer and ‘wooooo’ as people completed zips and progressed through the zip line. The stairs and climbing to get from one zip to another were hard going at times and it was so great knowing that there were a group of people that were there for you and had your back.

It was so nice to hear the cheers, especially for me who was out of my comfort zone and still getting my confidence up on the zip lines. The people who went through before me always cheered as I came in on the zip line.

LESSON 5 – Surround yourself by people who lift you up’. If you think about your life, you have your family and friends around you to support you and have your back. This is equally important in business (especially when you are running your biz solo). Having people around you to support you, encourage you, motivate you and inspire you is so incredibly important.

LESSON 6 – Celebrate success (no matter how small). This one is so important to me. Too often we can get so caught up in ticking items off the to do list that we don’t take time out to reflect on a goal that we have achieved and really pause to celebrate the success. Setting an intention to do something for you when you or your team achieves a goal is a great way of celebrating success.


The zip line had six zips up (six where we were climbing up stairs) and ten zips on the way down. At the top of the zip lines after the six zips up there were a group of us waiting for the guides and some others to catch up to us so we could continue on the ten zip lines down. At about the fourth zip mark we noticed grey clouds coming in from the ocean and were wondering if we would make it to the end without it raining. It didn’t take long before we were all huddled under the one tree there at the top of the rainforest trying to stay dry (impossible with the rain that came down). At this point we could have all focused on the negatives in the situation. If we had of focused on the fact that we were getting soaked it could have ruined the whole experience.

The whole group of us who attended this incentive trip are all positive go-getters and have grown so much in our journey in this business that we all have a ‘growth mindset’ and all looked at the positives in this situation.

We had some laughs while we waited and took the time to get to know each other. When we did get going again we made the most of the experience and only focused on the positives – we were there on a trip that we all earnt and a little bit of rain was not going to spoil the fun. We were all so grateful to be there and be sharing the experience together.

LESSON 7 – Don’t get stuck in a negative Tetris effect. While I was away I read the book ‘The Happiness Advantage’ by Shawn Achor who talks about the Tetris effect. Essentially the Tetris effect happens when ‘someone is unable to break a pattern of thinking or behaving, often this is negative’. You know the friend who walks into a room and instantly finds something to complain about – that is the Tetris effect.

In the situation I described above, we all approached the situation with a positive Tetris effect – profiting from three of the most important tools available to us; happiness, gratitude and optimism. Everyone can see a situation differently and Shawn Anchor writes in his book that not all ways of seeing things are created equal.

LESSON 8 – Have a ‘growth mindset’. I was recently introduced to this concept from my son’s year 2 teacher at a parent information night. The concept of a ‘growth mindset’ comes from Carol Dwek (check out her youtube video on growth mindset). Carol Dwek found that people can be split into two categories: Those with a ‘fixed mindset’ believe that their capabilities are already set, while those with a ‘growth mindset’ believe that they can enhance their basic qualities through effort. Her research has shown that people with fixed mindsets miss opportunities for improvement and consistently underperform, while those with a ‘growth mindset’ watch their abilities move ever upward.

Initially when I stood on that platform ready to take the jump into the first zip, I could have allowed myself to have a fixed mindset, believing that I couldn’t do it and missed the opportunity for growth. Similarly, when we were all standing on the platform in the rain we could have missed the opportunity for connection and to get to know each other if we just thought about the rain and how it was impacting on our day.

The last few zip lines we went down were incredibly fast and boy were they exhilarating, not to mention fun! The more zips I did, the more confident I got, and the more I trusted the process.

This is like anything in life or business – the more you practice, the better you get at it and over time your confidence builds.

LESSON 9 – Continuing to practice something increases both your ability to do it as well as increasing your confidence. The more you do something, the better you get at it. Think about something that you can do very confidently now… then think back to the first time you did it… I bet there were a lot of mistakes made and a lot of lessons you learnt along the way as your confidence increased. 

LESSON 10 – Allow yourself to have fun. Now this may seem like a given, but in business and in work it is often easy to overlook the fun and be so focused on the task at hand and following the action steps to get what you need done. This zip line activity was super fun and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face after completing it.

Incorporating fun into your work helps to develop a positive mindset and increases overall happiness – which is so important for both life and business. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and can take something away to implement in your career, business or life. Although I have linked these lessons to my business with doTERRA, you can apply them to so many aspects of your life.

The zip line was an incredible experience and I will be reminded of these lessons every time I think of Fiji and this activity. I am truly grateful to doTERRA for the experiences, connections and fun in my time on the 2017 Fiji incentive trip.