Two years ago, I did something I never thought I would do! I purchased some essential oils.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

Well, these oils have changed my life – not in an earth-shattering way that some people have to report when they start using essential oils. For us, they have helped to make little changes that have made a big difference to our lives. Because when you make little changes, they add up to big changes.

If I could have predicted where I would be right now, two years ago, I would not have said that I would be where I am today. I definitely wouldn’t have said that I would be in Brisbane and I definitely wouldn’t have thought I would have done all the things I have in the past 2 years since starting my business with doTERRA.

I was reflecting on this and wanted to share the things that have changed for us, the things we have changed in our lives since incorporating the oils and what the business means for us.

I shared this on my Facebook page in a live video which I have included here for you too, but have added to my notes for this blog post.


I have to start with the oils – it always starts there.

Initially I was hesitant as I thought that essential oils were a bit woo-woo – for hippies, yogi’s, people who mediated and were into spiritual healing. I really didn’t think that they were for me. When I first purchased the home essentials kit my husband joked that I had turned into a hippy! This is far from the truth (and let me assure you, I am still not a hippy and you don’t need to be to benefit from essential oils).

The number one thing that has changed for us is that our overall health and wellness has improved.

  • Less sickness which has meant less visits to the doctors (we have generally only gone for referrals to specialists for the kids ears and eyes), less antibiotics and over the counter medicine. We have our oils to support us when there are coughs and colds going around. We generally have not been sick aside from the start of a cold which hasn’t lasted and also my daughter has had some tummy bugs which she has picked up from kindy. We have used the oils to support us for all of these and to help us stay healthy and well.
  • I have learned to listen to my body and rest when I can feel a cold coming on, when my body aches or when I am feeling run down. It is also at these times we all turn to our oils to support us. Rest and oils is often all you need – so much better than getting antibiotics for the sake of it.
  • We have significantly reduced the amount of toxins in our home by switching out our cleaning products with some simple DIY options with essential oils. It’s amazing how many household products that we use without thinking are actually harming our health and are bad for us.
  • We have changed up our skin care and healthcare products by ordering through doTERRA and making our own. If you haven’t made a switch yet go to and rate the products you are currently using. This was a real eye opener for me when I started using essential oils (FYI, the average woman puts over 500 chemicals on their skin daily without even thinking about it). This combined with changing our cleaning products has made a significant impact on our health and I attribute this to less sickness and less doctors’ visits.
  • I take better care of myself and my body than I ever have. I prioritise self-care which is something that TOTALLY went out the window after having kids. I put everyone else first and myself last and felt guilty for taking time to look after myself.
  • We have oils to support us to sleep better and we all know how important sleep is!
  • My supplements – lifelong vitality have increased my energy levels, improved my skin, my nails are stronger and much more – this has been a game changer for my overall health and vitality – FYI these supplements are doTERRA’s number 1 selling product and they are an essential oil company – that tells you something. If you are not taking these supplements you need to get onto them!
  • We feel better – oils can take us from feeling good to feeling great and we have these natural tools on hand to support every mood and emotion.
  • By using them in our home, we are teaching our kids that there is an alternative – there is a natural way for them to support themselves when they need it! Empowering them to make their own choices.
  • I have a tool to help me calm, ground, take time to breathe and re-set – so important in our busy lifestyles. The oils are the calm in my day I didn’t know that I needed.

When I first purchased the home essentials kit, I was intrigued to learn more about the business. I had seen a few people I knew in the online space start businesses with doTERRA but didn’t know much about it. At the time I had a few other things going on but it kept popping up for me so I decided to look into it more. I have mentioned a few times that for the first six months that I didn’t really ‘do’ the business. It was after using the oils for 6 months that I really started sharing and ‘doing the biz’.

This biz has challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone more than I could have imagined. I shared a bit in my most recent live video about how this business has increased my confidence ten-fold. While it may not seem like it from the outside, I have always lacked confidence. It comes from being teased at school for speaking in front of the class. I would blush and people would laugh at me. I sang at school and would start ‘going out’ with a boy and they would dump me because I sang in our school chapel (this actually happened more than once!). This has stuck with me for a long time.

A big part of doing this business is to share personal stories and share me! Facebook live was something I didn’t want to do and still my heart races, I see my face blush and have all the nerves. But I do it because I know that someone will resonate with what I am saying. And that is what I am here to do; empower people to embrace another way and get started with essential oils in their home and to inspire others to create a life and business they love with doTERRA too.

Something I didn’t expect going into this biz was the amazing friends I have made. While I am doing this business for myself, by myself, I have an incredible team around me that support each other to rise. The connection – the sisterhood is one of the best things. There is nothing like having people who get you to connect with when you need to vent, need to brainstorm or need a bit of a pick me up from. We laugh, we cry and everything in between.

Between myself and my team we have introduced 470 homes to essential oils (and this is growing every month). We are changing countless lives with these little brown bottles of pure plant magic. There is nothing I love more than getting messages and testimonials from my customers telling me how an oil has supported them with sleep, with muscle soreness or with a child who has eczema. There are countless stories out there and every time it blows me away (even though I know these oils work – I am still blown away every time).

This business has enabled me to cut down from working full time to part time (three days a week) and in future I will be able to choose whether I continue with this or not. This business is giving us choice in how we spend our time and is re-defining how we earn money. Residual income is incredible and every home should have an element of it. This biz is creating a financial pipeline for us which will continue to grow (no matter how fast or slow we go) and enable us to live how we want to and pursue causes we are passionate about.

I have been able to mentor some incredible women and watch them push through blocks and get over fears, get out of the comfort zone and reach their goals. This is so awesome to watch and I cannot wait to see what they achieve in the next 12 months and beyond + the incredible women that are yet to join my team. Seeing my team create goals, smash them and take steps closer towards their dreams truly lights me up!

I have been recognised and celebrated more since starting this business than I ever have in any of my previous corporate roles. The uplines in this business are incredible and celebration doesn’t only happen for new ranks but it also happens for progression, growth and achievements. Also in the form of incentive trips and holidays. I went to Fiji earlier this year with doTERRA on a trip I earnt just by sharing these oils and doing what I love. I also qualified for the incentive trip to Uluru next year with doTERRA. I have a number of certificates from rank advancing and many gifts. The people that doTERRA attracts are all incredible, amazing and have huge hearts for helping others.

These oils are WAY more than little brown bottles of oil – they provide solutions for people, they provide hope for people (both who use the oils and people all around the world who are employed to work with doTERRA on sourcing and distilling the best essential oils on the planet – more on this another day), and they provide people who say yes to the business opportunity with an amazing opportunity to do things differently, and to show up who they are and make a difference in the world.

For this, I will be forever grateful to my upline and doTERRA for these oils and the business.

If you are still reading and the oils or the business opportunity is speaking to you, please reach out to me at sarah @ theessentialsociety . com . au – I would love to connect with you and guide you in this amazing opportunity.