It was in December last year that I decided to jump on board with the doTERRA business opportunity and enrolled with the home essentials kit ready to kick off the business in January. What an incredible year it has been. I started off quite slow in the business at the beginning of the year but the last few months as my vision for where I want to head with it has got clearer, I have been working in a more focussed way to grow my business and my team. And I wanted to share with you that last month in November; I reached the rank of Silver which is the first leadership rank in doTERRA.

It took me 11 months to get to this rank and the average time taken to get here is 13 months (my goal was to reach it in 12 months).

I wanted to share this with you as I know when it gets to December we often start thinking about the New Year and begin to set intentions or resolutions as well as setting some goals around making changes in life or work. For me last year it was all about making a decision to take up the business opportunity with doTERRA with a longer term goal of being able to do this work full time around my children and their schooling. For me, it is all about setting it up now so that I can have the time and financial freedom to go on excursions with them at school and be involved in reading groups or other activities sin the class room.

My intention for 2016 was also to take better care of myself and up my self-care and while this hasn’t been perfect all the time, it has definitely been a focus and the changes to my mental state and wellbeing have been amazing – and as you know, doTERRA’s products have been a big part of this.

This business can be done around whatever you have going on. I have made this work around my family, kid’s school and activities, full time work, some side graphic design work, a blog (which I have since handed over to someone else) and life. If I can do it, so can you!

If you are thinking about a change for 2017, a change to create more freedom in your finances, more freedom in your time or perhaps freedom to serve others in a bigger way, then maybe this business opportunity is for you.

I will be spending this month developing a mentor program for my current team and for new members who want to take up this incredible opportunity. We will kick off the training in January and it will run for three months. I will share with you the actions you need to take to replicate what I have achieved. I haven’t always got everything right and have learnt some lessons in this journey to Silver which will be incorporated into this mentor program.

You do not need to have any specific skills or experience to do this job. Everything is duplicatable and there are systems and training available to support you as you learn and develop. Our team attracts passionate, spirited, caring and cup-filling individuals and I love the culture that we have. It’s so much fun to cheer each other on as we learn and grow.

To give you an idea of the earning potential with doTERRA (and what Silver means for me) check out the following table – it is up to you how far you choose to go.

If you are keen to make a change and are interested to learn more about the opportunity or the mentor program, please get in touch – I would love to have you as part of my team in 2017. I have spots for one-on-one chats about this incredible opportunity. I am so glad that I took action this time last year – not only have the products made massive a difference to our lives but the business is too and I am excited to set my goals for growth next year and where I will be this time in 12 months – the future is bright, very bright!

If you have not yet started using doTERRA products and the business is of interest to you, my suggestion is to get started with the oils in December, use them in your home and get to know them ready to kick off the mentor program in January.

If you are already using the products (through me) you will already know enough to get started on educating others in the business – you have personal stories about how the oils have changed your life whether that be in skin care, managing moods or reducing the chemicals in your home – these personal stories are what resonate with people.

Contact me to chat about this amazing opportunity via email at sarah @ sarahpoppy . com or feel free to PM me through my Facebook page at