Something really exciting happened last week in Utah at the annual global doTERRA convention!!! Some amazing new oils (and a new diffuser) were released. These oils will be available to purchase from the US from October 2nd. I am loving learning about them and using them so I thought I would share an overview of each on the blog - bookmark this page to come back to!


This oil is distilled from the twigs and the branches of the plant. This plant is plentiful - so there is lots of it. Siberian Fir will replace White Fir (will not be produced anymore as it is not sustainable to produce due to sourcing and keeping the quality standard that doTERRA demands.

The properties of this oil are very similar to White Fir.

How to use:

  • Use aromatically to evoke feelings of relaxation, inhale to soothe dry airways
  • Use topically to soothe skin irritations or apply to calm overactive tissues and ease discomfort
  • Use 1-3 drops internally in a capsule to support body systems
  • Combine with citrus oils for cleaning, use with rosemary, eucalyptus, cypress or lime for a clarifying aroma and respiratory support
  • Blend with tea tree, cedarwood or flower oils to help eliminate blemishes and support healthy skin



This is referred to as the smurf oil as it will make your skin blue - so make sure you dilute it in a carrier oil, lotion or moisturiser and apply at night!

How to use:

  • It is great applied topically for out of control histamine responses (i.e. itching) and for dry or scaly skin or for tissue overuse or injury.
  • Diffuse aromatically to uplift mood and create a positive environment
  • Apply topically to soothe skin irritations
  • Apply locally to calm overactive tissues and ease discomfort

Not for internal usage



I am so excited about this oil. We have all heard that Cannabis oil has a profound positive impact on those with various health challenges however it is illegal to use...

So, doTERRA have been working really hard to create an oil that affords us those same therapeutic properties, without the use of Cannabis and without any legal ramifications. The potential for this essential oil is huge and I know it is going to be amazing for so many people.

Copaiba is an Amazonian Tree and the oil is derived from the resin of the Copaiba tree. It’s been used since the 16th century in traditional health practices by the natives of Brazil to cleanse, restore and provide healing energy.

doTerra’s Copaiba does not contain THC or CBD and is not derived from Cannabis BUT it does replicate the powerful benefits.  There are no psychoactive or ‘high' affects associated with Copaiba.

The blend of four different species is unique to doTERRA - not due to sustainability but to increase the therapeutic potential and potency

Use this oil for:

  • Liver and antioxidant support
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Sustain proper immune response
  • Digestive support
  • Support proper neurological function
  • Proper respiratory function



Neroli is sourced from the flowers of the bitter orange tree. The bitter orange tree (orange is the oil of abundance) – gives 3 oils – pettigrain from the leaves, neroli from the flowers and bitter orange from the fruit.

Use this oil to:

  • To promote a positive mood
  • To help reduce feelings of anxiousness
  • Soothe skin
  • Encourage relaxation
  • Support a smooth transition through the stages of life by improving hormone concentrations
  • Encourage feelings of intimacy
  • Help with emotions to release and let go



This beautiful floral oil is going to be very popular - not only does it smell amazing but it has amazing properties. Fun fact about Jasmine - It takes 21,000 petals to produce a 5 mL bottle, and it takes 1.5 days to collect.

Use Jasmine to:

  • Uplift mood
  • Reduce the appearance of skin imperfections
  • Promote a healthy-looking, glowing complexion
  • Help with period pain and labour
  • Help to balance the Central Nervous System



Known as the 'queen of oils', Rose is sourced from Bulgaria and it takes 8,000 roses (242,000 petals) to produce a 5ml bottle of Rose EO.

Rose essential oil:

  • Is emotionally uplifting
  • Helps balance moisture levels in the skin
  • Reduces the appearance of skin imperfections
  • Supports a healthy immune response
  • Promotes healthy brain activity for children
  • When used with Neroli stimulates feelings of happiness and contentment after childbirth
  • And science has shown that rose helps to get over morphine withrdrawal



Custom design influenced by nature

Maple wood base

Covers 540 square feet

Multiple mist and seven light settings

Runs for up to 10 hours!


YOGA BLENDS – for yoga and meditation



ANCHOR – steadying blend (Lavender, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Cinnamon Bark, Sandalwood, Black Pepper, Patchouli)

  • Promotes feelings of completeness, calmness and courage
  • Encourages a steady foundation from which to move forward

ALIGN – Centering blend (Bergamot, Coriander, Marjoram, Peppermint, Geranium, Basil, Rose, Jasmine)

  • Promotes feelings of self-acceptance, trust and fluidity
  • Encourages harmony and calm progress

ARISE – Enlightening blend (Lemon, Grapefruit, Siberian Fir, Osmantus, Melissa)

  • Promotes feelings of happiness, clarity and courage
  • Encourages rising to achieve goals and improved performance



I am so excited about this one! It is super convenient to chuck in your handbag and go. It purifies by eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and other germs on the skin through an extremely fine, quick drying mist. It is a moisturising formula and has antiseptic properties. Very convenient for on the go families


convention kit.jpg

* please note Birch is only available as part of the kit that was available to purchase at convention.

If you have not yet got started with essential oils and would like to purchase your own starter kit, go to: 


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2. Fill in your details

3. Choose whichever starter kit you feel drawn to (my pick is the Home Essentials Kit + Fractionated Coconut oil as it has everything you need to get started, otherwise select the Introductory Enrolment Packet and add the individual oils you would like to start with)

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