Welcome to October - A beautiful month to begin your oily journey if you haven't yet done so!

doTERRA is gifting all new customers (who open a wholesale account) who order 125pv (this is doTERRA's points system for determining promotions and freebies), 50pv FREE (points) to use towards products of their choice (points to be redeemed in November). 

doTERRA is so generous with this offer and there are so many options for starting your oily journey.

To make it easy for you, I have put together some popular options for you to consider:

natures solution.jpg
emotional aromatherapy.jpg
home essentials.jpg
essential collection.jpg
mood management.jpg
starter bundle.jpg
cleaning bundle.jpg
yoga and meditation bundle.jpg
touch kit.jpg


A question, I know you will be asking is, "what can I get with my 50pv points??"

Here are some popular oils and their PV value for you to have a look at and decide what you will use them for:

what can you use 50PV for.jpg

If you want to view all the products, prices and PV, check out the Australian Price List.

If you have not yet got started with essential oils and would like to take advantage of this promotion, go to: http://mydoterra.com/sarahpoppy 


1. Keep option 1 selected (wholesale pricing)

2. Fill in your details

3. Choose whichever starter kit you feel drawn to (my pick is the Home Essentials Kit + Fractionated Coconut oil or the Nature's Solutions Kit as these have everything you need to get started, otherwise select the Introductory Enrolment Packet and add the individual oils you would like to start with - some of these bundles are not starter kits and I have made these up myself so you'll have to add the item individually and don't forget to add the 'introductory enrolment packet' - this is your wholesale membership).

If you are unsure how to do this, get in touch (sarah @ thessentialsociety . com . au) and I can guide you through the ordering process.

For more info on how to purchase click here: 

I look forward to supporting you in your oily journey.

Sarah x