Essential oils are a real estate agent’s secret weapon

A few tiny bottles and a couple of diffusers can rid an empty home of the musty smell, evoke feelings of trust, eliminate airborne mould, shine windows, uplift moods, provide a calm and serene environment, clean carpet stains, even eliminate the odour of harsh chemical cleaners, among many other things. 

As you would be aware, smells can either positively or negatively affect a potential buyers opinion of a home. There are numerous studies that show that there are different smells that make a person feel compelled to make a transaction (or at the least, feel more comfortable about it. In fact, Eric Spangenberg from Washington State University conducted a study which showed that sales went up and people were more in the mood to buy when a single, uncomplicated odour was in the air, versus multiple or complex smells.

Spangenberg says this is because the more complicated the scent, the more our brains focus on processing it, rather than processing what’s around us (including stuff to buy or explore).

For this reason, many people will tell you to bake bread or a cake before an open home to give buyers that warm, fuzzy feeling when they view your home. But according to a recent field test by, there is actually another smell that sells.

44 participants took part in the experiment and were divided into scent groups. They all received a price guide of $700,000-$850,000 and were asked to provide a property estimate after inspection of the test home.

Here are the results (average property estimates depending on the scent in the air) of their field test:

  • Citrus: $850,250
  • Brownies: $821,250
  • Baked bread: $808,750
  • Coffee: $785,000
  • Roast chicken: $749,500
  • Smelly socks: $743,750

As mentioned, science suggests simple scents are the key to good fortunes at sale time. For this reason, essential oils (particularly the citrus oils) can be your secret weapon in increasing sales and creating an welcoming and inviting experience for potential buyers.

We are not talking your citrus smelling cleaning products here either, many of these contain synthetic chemicals that aggravate people’s allergies, cause headaches and make people uncomfortable. You want to be using 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. doTERRA is the brand I use and trust as their oils are completely pure and don’t cause headaches and other reactions in people who are sensitive to smells.

doTERRA wild orange essential oil possesses purifying properties and antioxidants that not only help to support healthy immune function but also help to energise and uplift the mind and body.

Download my guide for real estate professionals here or by clicking the image below.

Listed in this guide are a few of the countless uses for various oils, specifically for showing homes and working with clients. These oils are the secret weapon to add to your toolkit.

If you are a real estate professional and want to add essential oils to your toolkit or use them as gifts for your clients, please get in touch. I would love to get you set up with your own account.