Ice cream ingredients:

150g raw sugar

2 egg yolks

600g full fat cream

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

pinch of fine sea salt


Place all ingredients into thermomix bowl and cook for 8 minutes at 80 degrees on speed 4.

Pour mix into a container. Leave at room temperature for about an hour, then into the fridge until it is cold (about another hour) then put in the freezer.

While this is happening make up your caramel spice sauce:

100g soft brown sugar

125g cream

65g butter

½ tsp vanilla essence 

Place all ingredients into the thermomix bowl. Mix at 80 degrees on speed for 4 minutes until thickened in consistency. Then add in 2 drops cassia EO, 2 drops clove EO and 1 drop Ginger EO.

Once ice cream has been in the freezer for an hour, take out and mix in the spiced sauce and chopped pecan nuts into a swirl pattern and return to the freezer overnight or for at least another 7 hours. 

Then you can serve.


I made this ice cream as part of doTERRA Australia's 2017 Ice Cream Competition.

doTERRA AUS/NZ recently launched their first ever Ice Cream Competition! They want to see your favourite Ice Cream recipe using at least 1 doTERRA essential oil! 

How do you enter? Put together a delicious ice cream recipe, post an image of your ice cream on Facebook and tag @doterraau or post on Instagram using these hashtags #doterraicecream#doterraicecreamcomp #doterraau. Make sure you put the recipe in the copy of your post and you could win one of 4 prizes! They are giving away 1 Emotional Aromatherapy Kit each week, so enter as many times as you like to increase your chances of winning!