One of the things that impressed me about doTERRA when I partnered with them in my essential oils business is that they want to be known as the company that gets most people out of debt. There are no fancy cars, no promotion about joining the million dollar club or anything like that. They want people to set themselves free financially so they are free to give.

AND they actually have a program ‘Free to Give’ that encourages their wellness advocates to get themselves out of debt.

Initially I thought that the extra income I was earning would go to paying off our debts (credit cards, car loans, mortgage) but the reality for us is that every time our income has increased so has our spending. As long as we could service the debt and make the repayments it was all good.

But this has changed in the past year thanks mostly to the book – ‘The Barefoot Investor’. Known as ‘the only money guide you’ll ever need’. A very bold claim! I was a bit hesitant to read as I had read many other books about money in the past and nothing had given us what we needed to make big changes.

This book absolutely lives up to its claim and I believe that everyone should read it! I love how the author, Scott Pape (known as the Barefoot Investor) is understanding of how people fall into the traps of credit card debt and get their finances into difficult situations. No matter where people are at, he covers tips to help people get back on their feet financially and set themselves up for the future – and his steps are simple!

There are no budgets (well to some extent you need to know where your money is going but you don’t need to stick to a budget spreadsheet) – budgets often have you worrying about every last cent. So Pape, talks about his serviette strategy and working this out over barefoot ‘date nights’ (read the book if you want to know more about this) as he believes that talking about money over food and wine makes it easier – many couples in relationships don’t like discussing money but this makes it less confronting. 

A lot of the money books I have read have been dry but this is written in an honest and engaging way. The basic principle of the book is to set up your money into ‘buckets’ which you can plan out on your serviette. Then you transfer money into each of these buckets when you get paid, making sure you pay yourself first. This way you are saving and putting our fires (debts) before your expenses and not waiting to see what is left over at the end of the pay period.

The book runs you through his nine steps to wealth. We are still at the early steps but it is all progress. The first steps are around setting up your ‘buckets’ with no fee bank accounts, looking at your insurance and superannuation and getting better deals on your insurances and interest rates. Followed by addressing your debts using a domino effect – pay off the smallest debt first then put that money to the next smallest and so on. Pape also covers on buying (and paying off a house), retirement and building wealth.

There is so much great information and the steps are so simple and can be applied to everyone no matter their situation, income or debts – these steps work for everyone. It has really shifted our mindset around how we approach our money and budgeting and in a short space of time have paid off a car loan, made a dent in a credit card and have money in different accounts that is there when we need it.

This book is a must for anyone who wants to change their financial situation – get out of debt, buy a house or achieve financial independence. It works for everyone.

2018 is the year of saving (and paying off debts) for us and we have this book to thank for a lot of the changes we have made including downsizing to save on rent and reducing the clutter and selling items around our home that we don’t use. We live in such a material world and often buy to make us happy but in reality it is only adding to the financial stresses we have in our life.

doTERRA plays a big part in this for us too as in 12 months-time the income I am earning from the business will increase (predicted to more than double) to help us further reduce our debt to set us free, financially. 


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