This is your go-to blend for all things optimal digestion, tummy upsets and bloating. DigestZen is well known for its ability to aid in digestion, soothe occasional stomach upset, and maintain overall digestive health when taken internally. This unique blend contains Ginger, Fennel, and Coriander to help ease occasional stomach discomfort, including motion sickness and indigestion, while Peppermint, Tarragon, Anise, and Caraway aid with digestion and help maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract. DigestZen is great to have on hand when stomach upset occurs and is safe and effective. Internal use of DigestZen is a healthy, natural, and gentle way to soothe an upset stomach or maintain a healthy digestive system.

Here are some of the ways you can use it:

  • Diffuse during meal times to stimulate trigger the limbic system for optimal digestion
  • Take 1 drop in a large glass of water 30 mins before meals to improve digestion
  • Dilute as directed and rub onto bub’s belly, soles of feet and down spine to ease symptoms of colic and reflux
  • Carry a sample vial with you when visiting friends or travelling and trying new foods to ease occasional tummy upsets
  • Add 1 drop to your glass or stainless steel water bottle to sip through the day
  • Make a roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil and roll clockwise onto belly or the soles of the feet to ease stomach upsets, cramps and bloating
  • Apply diluted to belly, down spine and rub into soles of kiddies feet during gastro bug attacks
  • Place a drop in the palm of your hands, rub together and inhale any time


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