Valentine’s day is the perfect time to use your oils in a beautiful perfume blend, as part of a romantic massage or by popping a love blend in the diffuser. There are some oils that are known aphrodisiacs which means they are known for inducing romantic feelings. The aroma of aphrodisiac essential oils have the ability to invoke romantic feelings which are a great mood setter, just like some of the citrus and uplifting oils invoke feelings of happiness. You can use the aphrodisiac oils in various ways – perhaps in a bath or in a massage oil or lotion.

You just have to google ‘romance diffuser blends’ or ‘love diffuser blends’ and a whole range of options will pop up for you.

There are three ways that you can use essential oils – aromatically, topically and internally but the quickest way that an oil reaches the body is aromatically – when we inhale the aroma through our nose. When we breathe it in it stimulates the limbic system in our brain (often referred to as the emotional center of the brain as it controls our moods and emotions).

Whether you like to celebrate Valentine’s Day or not it is a great reminder to show the one you love how much you care about them, so read on for some oils that you could pop in your diffuser, use as part of a sensual massage or wear as a perfume to boost the romantic atmosphere not just on Valentine’s Day but any day {also great for anniversaries, birthdays or special dates in your relationship}.


There are several oils to help set the mood for love, these are:



There is nothing that says love and romance like a bunch of roses. Both for the delicateness of the flower and the scent of the rose. The Rose has been used for centuries by ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans and historical women such as Cleopatra of Egypt and Josephine Bonaparte of France were known to use Rose to woo their lovers.

It is widely known as the fragrance of passion and love. It is an aphrodisiac oil and also has a calming effect. The ultimate oil to use for a sensual massage. Treat your lover this Valentine’s Day.



Perhaps a more unfamiliar oil – Neroli comes from the flower of the orange tree and has been used in weddings for both its calming properties (for the bride) but also has aphrodisiac properties.

Orange blossom flowers have been used by Victorian brides throughout history in their bridal bouquets for these reasons – to help calm nerves and induce romance on the wedding night. It is often used as part of perfumes and also skincare and beauty products for its aroma.



Sandalwood has a woody aroma and is often found in perfumes and colognes for its aroma and its ability to create a peaceful environment. It is an aphrodisiac oil so can also be used to stimulate romance in the bedroom. It is a great alternative if you or your loved one isn’t a fan of the more floral oils. Add to a diffuser blend or use in a massage blend. Or you could use to create a cologne or perfume for your loved one – show you care with a gift that doesn’t have the chemicals of many of the commercial fragrances + you have the bonus of it being an aphrodisiac (wink wink).


Ylang Ylang

This essential oil is extracted from the flowers of a tall, tropical tree which contributes to its romantic associations and also has aphrodisiac properties and traditionally has been used for romance and love as well as affecting hormones to build a strong sex drive. It also possesses relaxing properties and can help to foster feelings of love between you and your partner.  



This blend is specific to doTERRA as was created for passion and to cultivate a sense of romance, love and intimacy. As well as helping to give you a boost of creativity and energy it can also stimulate the bodies desire for affection. It is amazing to wear as a natural perfume. No nasties and helps to bring passion to your relationship.



Jasmine has been known to instill confidence and reduce anxiety and therefore believed to help with frigidity so is perfect for use between a couple. It is known to boost libido which makes it a perfect addition to a Valentine’s day blend.

There are many others you may choose to use as part of a massage blend, diffuser blend or perfume or cologne to get in the mood for a romantic Valentine’s Day. Here are some of my fav love blends to get you started.



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