They say that a vision board is essentially your goals and dreams in a visual format. Something that you see all the time to keep you focused on what you are working towards and to help you stay on track to achieving them.

I have a wall in my office where I have inspirational quotes and also some things that I want to achieve on there. I have so many examples of achieving things that have been on my vision board. One this year was the doTERRA incentive trip to Fiji. I got a postcard in with my order about the trip and popped it up on the wall and while I wanted to go, I didn’t set out any action steps or write it down as a goal to go, I simply looked at it every day I went into my office so it was always in my mind and sure enough, I earned a spot on the trip! If I hadn’t of had it on my vision board it would have been easy to forget all about it and the outcome may have been very different.

Creating and using vision boards serves a few different purposes, some of which include helping you to:

  • Identify and take time to think about your visions and goals
  • Think about quotes and affirmations that will inspire you
  • Keep your goals and dreams front of mind and allow you to imagine yourself living the life you desire
  • The exercise of creating a vision board allows you to visualize and gain clarity on what you want to achieve and turn it into an achievable goal (many of us don’t get what we want because we aren’t clear on it in the first place).

You can create a vision board for anything in your life. It doesn’t have to be business focused. You could create one around your goals and vision for your family home, the life you want to have, travel – whatever you want to do in your life, create a vision board for it. This will keep it front of mind and help keep you on track to achieving it.

If you are not good at goal setting or don’t want to do it for fear of not achieving the goals, try a vision board. When you have a visual reminder of what you want to achieve it is hard to run away from – plus it is fun to think big about what you want for your future!

You can do a vision board in many ways – you could have it as your desktop screensaver, on your phone, in a frame, on cardboard, on a wall or on a pin board – whatever way you decide to do it is fine – make it work for you!

You can either grab some magazines or search for images online. The key to a successful vision board is to have it visible. I personally like to cut things out of magazines and stick them on a board or on a wall (with blu tak of course) so that is what I am going to focus on today.

Firstly you will need to grab your materials:

-       Magazines

-       Pictures

-       Quotes

-       Affirmations

-       Pin board or cardboard

-       Blu tak

-       Glue

-       Pins

Once you have all the things you need you can let the fun begin:

With your dreams and goals in mind, go through your magazines, books, catalogues (whatever you have gathered) and look for images, words - anything that is in line with your goals and dreams and will be a constant reminder to you. If you can’t find all the words and quotes, create them on the computer and print them out. As long as you know what the item on your vision board represents to you that is all that matters. Take some time to find things that cover off on all your goals and dreams.

Once you have sourced all of these you can begin arrange your board. Get out the pins if you are putting them on a pin board, your glue if you are gluing them onto cardboard or your blu tak if you are putting them straight onto the wall.

Then you can arrange your visual goals and dreams onto the board – get creative, feel free to group certain areas together e.g. family, holidays, business, work, fitness – whatever categories you goals fall into. Make it work for you!

Then once it is complete, hang it up – somewhere visible. Either in your workspace, bedroom, bathroom even (you are in there every day). You can even pop it on a ledge or bookshelf and incorporate objects to it too.

Once you have it complete and it is a prominent place it doesn’t have to stay like this forever – your vision board is something that evolves over time – add your achievements and always refer back to it as you will find that you achieve your goals and dreams over time. Therefore it will need updating as your goals and dreams change. The great thing about a pin board or vision wall is that you can change it all the time. If you stick everything on cardboard it is harder to change.

Take time to look at your vision board as often as you can and imagine yourself living the life you have put up in pictures, imagine yourself achieving the goals you have set for yourself.