Going to convention changed everything for me. I remember the first convention after starting my business with doTERRA and I really really wanted to be there but we already had my Grandma's surprise 90th birthday party planned at our house and the flights from Adelaide to the Gold Coast did not make it possible to do both. After seeing everything via social media from the wider team, I promised myself that I would be there for the following year. You do not want to see everyone at convention this year - you will get FOMO!

My first convention, I walked the stage as a silver leader and it was incredible! So amazing to be recognised in front of a crowd of thousands. The following year, I walked as a Gold leader and then a Platinum leader at Convention in Utah. That was taking it to the next level in the arena with 20K+ people cheering you on!

What convention did for me the first time I attended was elevate my belief in the company, the business model (network marketing) and myself and the connections I made with women in our wider team have been incredible. 


If there is one thing you invest in this year in your business, I would recommend that it is coming to convention. And not just coming but really immersing yourself in it. All of it. And bring people along for the journey with you - it will light a spark in you and in others. 

If you need to work on your belief levels, this is truly the event for you. It isnt just attending convention that matters, it is what you do with the time there and after to propel your business forward. 

You cannot attend convention and not feel different, not have a stronger belief in everything, not have a fit lit inside you. It will change you!


No matter where you sit on the belief pyramid (above) and what rank you are, you will improve your belief - at any level.

ELITE - belief in the products - you need this belief to get to this rank and convention is all about product education. You will learn so much in the sessions at convention. it will propel your knowledge forward dramatically. Sitting in a room full of wellness advocates and hearing their stories on how these oils have changed their lives will impact you in a way that you cannot get from youtube videos.

PREMIER - Belief in the business - you will learn so much about doTERRA as a company at convention - their values, beliefs and vision for the world. You will learn about the investments that doTERRA is making in co-impact sourcing, sustainability, healthcare and so much more. They are not going anywhere and their vision is huge. You can't help but be inspired when you hear the journey of doTERRA from conception to today and their bigger plans for the world. They really have paved the way for us to dream bigger and aim to achieve more for ourselves and the world.

SILVER - Belief in yourself - when you attend convention and look around the room, you will realise that everyone is so different but also the same. You hear peoples stories of their challenges, struggles and things they have overcome, as well as their successes and advancements. This really helps to put things into perspective. Everyone goes through the same (but different) things in this business. We are not alone in this journey and convention helps to reaffirm this and help us to see what if someone else can do it, we can too. This is the first rank you get to walk the stage and if that is not enough to believe in yourself then I don’t know what is!


GOLD AND PLATINUM - Belief in others - if you can get your team members to convention and sit side by side, learning and growing together - you are holding space for them and their vision and you are there to help guide them in their journey. Seeing the aha moments and change in your leaders is so incredibly inspiring. 

DIAMOND - belief in your WHY - There is nothing like being at a convention to help you realise that you are part of something BIG - way bigger than you! My why has changed and grown since I started this business and it will continue to do so in the coming years. Convention always reminds me that I am here to share natural solutions and empower others to take control of their (and their families) health and wellness. AND that this has a ripple effect on communities around the world through healing hands and co-impact sourcing. What a beautiful thing to be part of. On top of that I get to work with amazing women and support them in reaching their goals for time and financial freedom - that is what I am here to do!

It is events like these where you have your aha moments and help you to really get clear on what you are here to do and to create in this lifetime.

The theme for this year is DREAM.

It is your chance to dream bigger about the future you want to create.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams

Join us at doTERRA Australia and New Zealand's Convention Friday 17- Saturday 18 May 2019.

The 2019 doTERRA AU/NZ Dream Convention will remind you that no dream is too big or too small. Come to find out more about essential oils, to be inspired, and to discover how you can make a difference and impact lives for good.

You will have the opportunity to hear from some of doTERRA’s most influential Corporate Staff, Top Leaders and Special Guests. Network with like-minded essential oil lovers, gain new product knowledge, and experience our brand new Product Showcase! 

This is doTERRA Australia and New Zealand’s biggest event of 2019 and you do not want to miss it! 

Get your tickets here


This is what I shared a week after convention in 2019

It is a week since many of us were at convention (can you believe a week has gone by already?? Crazy!!!) and I have so much to share with you all and our customers but that will come :)

BUT... while everything is fresh in my mind and in our minds, I wanted to share my reflections from the incredible couple of days at Convention - a few of the key highlights. 

There were so many incredible take aways so over the next week I will be sharing some interviews from some of our tribe who attended convention for the first time this year to capture the feelings (as best as we can) and the key take aways.

You must come to convention next year. You absolutely will not regret it! You will learn, grow, feel connected and leave inspired <3 x

KEL’s convention reflections

I caught up with Kel the other week (a week out from convention) to get her thoughts and ask her a couple of questions to reflect on the experience as a first time attendee at convention to share with you all. You hear us say that you get so much out of attending so my intention with these short interviews with our first time attendees is to try and put the experience into words although that is so hard to do. 

Enjoy my chat with Kel x

MICHELLE’S convention reflections

Today I am sharing Michelle's convention reflections with you! Michelle's intention and reason for going to convention was not something I knew beforehand and I was surprised to learn of it when we chatted the other week. She got so much more out of it than she expected!

Enjoy x

RACHEL’S convention reflections

Tune in to my chat with Rachel on her reflections from convention. It was a big thing for Rachel to be away from her three beautiful kids for 4 days (the longest she has been apart from them) but she got so much out of attending - tune in to hear my chat with Rachel.

Enjoy x